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Unlock the full potential of your Facebook page with Actuated Marketing's Guaranteed R.E.C.I.P.E. Formula. We expertly craft and curate content, seamlessly integrate your logo onto images for enhanced brand recognition, and ensure your message reaches your audience with two daily posts. Plus, we grant you direct access to our system to add your exclusive offers, making your deals irresistible against the backdrop of our engaging content!

For just $398 monthly, transform your Facebook page into a dynamic customer magnet that not only captivates but converts. This comprehensive package includes content creation, branding, and consistent posting – every day, every month, to maximize your online presence and drive substantial customer engagement.

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Howard Tiano

Howard Tiano

Sometimes you hit a bottleneck in your marketing, and it takes expertise beyond your own to clear things up. Well Richard and Actuated Marketing was the perfect antidote to get things back on track and performing like a Ferrari! Thanks Richard!