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Our Promise to You

   At Actuated Marketing™, we are committed to solving your marketing challenges and helping you achieve extraordinary success. With our proven strategies and dedicated team, we will work together to dominate your market in your community and drive growth for your business to provide better jobs for your employees! We are passionate about helping you build stable, well-paying jobs.

Agency Teamwork
Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing

Understanding Your Marketing Challenges 

 We understand the struggles businesses face in today's competitive digital landscape. From losing website visitors to ineffective marketing strategies, these challenges can hinder your growth and success. But with Actuated Marketing™, you have a trusted partner who can guide you towards solutions and help you overcome these obstacles with a unique plan.

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Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Campaigns

 Maximize your reach and engagement with targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your specific audience, goals, and needs.

 Agency Teamwork

   Leverage the power of collaboration with our experienced team of marketing professionals, working together to achieve your objectives.

 Digital Marketing

Harness the full potential of digital channels to boost your online presence, increase traffic, and drive conversions.

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My Secret Weapon...
There are few marketing professionals that I can highly recommend, and Richard is one of them. He's the kind of person who will go out of his way to help a friend and when it comes to business... he's second to none! His marketing skills can take any business to the next level. When it comes to marketing, he's my secret weapon and he should be yours too. Thanks Richard for everything you do.
Howard Tiano
Performing Like a Ferrari!
Sometimes you hit a bottleneck in your marketing, and it takes expertise beyond your own to clear things up. Well Richard and Actuated Marketing was the perfect antidote to get things back on track and performing like a Ferrari! Thanks Richard!
Increase Exposure and Sales.
I have worked with Actuated Marketing for more than a year and found them to be knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend them and their services to anyone who wants to increase exposure and sales. Thank you Richard!

Marketing Strategy

 Craft a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your unique business needs and objectives, driving sustainable growth.

Our objective is not to push sales on you. Instead, we aim to offer solutions that address problems impeding your progress, some of which you may not even be aware of.

The process begins with a Paid Consultation, and the payment for this consultation will be credited towards any services you engage us for. We understand the value of your time and ours, and this ensures that neither of us wastes time.
Marketing Campaign
Digital Marketing

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How We Work

The shift to working from home has allowed us to save on overhead costs and has given us the flexibility to work from wherever we live.

This shift has also opened up new opportunities for us to work with people from different areas, without being restricted to just one location.

With everyone having their own home office, we can work hard and efficiently, without the distractions of a traditional office setting.

This remote work arrangement has provided a better work-life balance, reduced commute times, and increased productivity.

Overall, the benefits of all staff working from their own home offices have been significant and have helped us adapt to the changing work environment, post Covid-19.

Social Media Engagement

 Enhance your online presence and engage with your target audience through strategic social media strategies that help you use a proven formula that creates a very specific RECIPE that will grow your social media methodically giving you more customer opportunities.

Makes your Social Media APPEAL to MORE People!
Imagine it Organized and Methodical.

Detailed in what is posted and when.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Campaign
Success Strategy: Transforming a Business Through Effective Marketing

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Who We Are

Actuated Marketing is a professional marketing agency located in Oklahoma, offering personalized services to businesses that prioritize their employees.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses in achieving success and our team of experts is passionate about delivering outstanding results through tailor-made marketing strategies. Every action is purposeful and thoroughly planned.

Marketing Strategy

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Industry Myth, Debunked

Contrary to what many people believe, a brand is not solely represented by a logo.

Effective marketing goes beyond flashy advertisements and catchy slogans; it involves understanding your audience, creating targeted messages, and implementing strategies that yield tangible results.

Your brand voice is always present, so its important to consider what message you are conveying.

Allow us to assess and provide feedback on your brands performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

This comprehensive analysis takes time, but it will reveal what is working well and what is lacking. This will show you why the notion that "a brand is just a logo", is a myth.


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Meet Our Incredible Team:

A Leadership Team You Can Trust!

Richard Jones
Richard Jones
Our Founder, Richard, established Actuated Marketing with the goal of helping businesses become more profitable in order to provide better care for their employees. He is dedicated to ensuring that employees have secure and well-paying jobs.
Charles Jones
Charles Jones
Charles, who is a family member of Richard, ensures that the home service providers we adopt as clients are companies whose work we are familiar with. With decades of experience in contracting, Charles has expertise in everything from new builds to remodeling, and his experience is essential in our understanding of our clients businesses.
John Rosanbalm
John Rosanbalm
John, the CEO of Actuated Marketing, has decades of experience in the home service professional industry. He is responsible for ensuring that we remain focused on our objectives and strategies. A knowledgeable and passionate leader, he truly loves our work.

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Dr. Joe
Dr. Joe
When it comes to marketing business through reputation reviews, Richard from Actuated Marketing is the most knowledgeable and passionate person in the business, with a real face who works tirelessly to preserve, protect and defend a businesses online presence and reputation!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can Actuated Marketing™ help my business achieve its marketing goals?

At Actuated Marketing™, we have a proven track record of helping businesses like yours achieve remarkable results through our strategic marketing services. We take a personalized approach, understanding your unique needs and goals to develop tailored strategies that maximize your reach, engagement, and conversions.


What sets Actuated Marketing™ apart from other marketing agencies?

At Actuated Marketing™, we prioritize solving the most crucial marketing challenges first, putting solutions into action while crafting a long-term plan for your success. Our unique approach focuses on your specific needs and goals, allowing us to deliver exceptional results and drive sustainable growth for your business.


How can I get started with Actuated Marketing™?

Starting Actuated Marketing is straightforward. We begin with a paid consultation to respect your time and to show that our time is valuable as well. Additionally, the consultation fee is applied to any services you choose to engage us for.

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